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Technology experts that deliver business results.

Growing your business takes tremendous effort and focus. Likewise, developing and integrating technology into your business operations requires highly skilled staff, experience, and expertise. Unfortunately, few companies have the means to excel at both – both their core business and establishing the technology expertise necessary to grow that core business.

If you wanted to build a new facility, you wouldn’t insource architects and tradespeople. Instead, you might work with a general contractor, someone with expertise in all aspects of construction, so the project gets done right. That way your employees can simply move in and get back to what they do best. Vy Solutions works as your general contractor to design and build technology solutions that transform your business, so you can get back to what you do best.

We are experts at delivering holistic technology solutions, customized to achieve your business outcomes, and supported by your teams.

Business outcomes are what matter.

Your company must achieve the objectives established by your leadership to be successful. Achieving objectives typically requires operational improvements across multiple capabilities – accounting, sales, core business. And most business operations are dependent on technology.

Misalignment between business and technology delivery wastes significant time and resources, which frequently results in missed opportunities. Misalignment can occur at many levels – strategy, architecture, execution plans, and teams.

Vy Solutions is adept at aligning all aspects of technology necessary to deliver business outcomes efficiently.

Results delivered based on rapid evolution.

Traditional project management techniques can be effective for projects with a short duration. However, the practice of tracking activities and budgets over long periods without concrete results often provides a false sense of security where risks and problems only become apparent late in the project.

Many companies have adopted Lean and Agile methodologies to avoid the high execution risk inherent in traditional project-oriented practices, like waterfall. These methodologies are product-oriented and predicated on the continuous delivery of value to the customer.

Vy Solutions combines the best aspects of up-front planning and numerous product-oriented techniques into a method called Rapid Evolution, which structures all projects into a series of short-term, outcome-based deliverables.

It takes teamwork.

Healthy corporate culture and a balanced work environment develop from good planning and leadership. And teamwork is a critical success factor for any organization.

We are accomplished at building and managing highly effective teams composed of individuals inside and outside our organization. We bring clarity of the solution to all teams, focus them on the business outcome, and ultimately transition the operational know-how to your staff.Let’s work together on your next project.

Let’s work together on your next project.

Learn how we can deliver solutions for your company that:

Enhance business capabilities

Accelerate growth

Expand markets

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