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About Us

What does the name Vy Solutions signify?

Vy (pronounced “vee wye”) is a term borrowed from aviation. Vy represents the speed an aircraft must fly to achieve the maximum rate of climb during takeoff.

Vy Solutions is founded on the concept of aligning business, technology, and thoughtful execution to maximize a company’s rate of growth during its takeoff.

Why did we start Vy Solutions?

In many organizations, it is not uncommon for a divide to exist between business and technology. This ‘gap’ presents itself in many ways and has many causes, but the result is the same – friction, confusion, and underperformance.

Vy Solutions is a technology development firm driven to achieve business outcomes for our customers. We strive to create better alignment and synergies between business and technology while making technology delivery more efficient.


Steve Auerbach

Chief Operating Officer

A business strategist with proven success in business and technology solutions.  He is a consummate team member whose articulate communication style and well-versed background evokes trust and confidence.  Steve has 20+ years of experience in designing and delivering high-impact software and system solutions that address direct business needs with a focus on innovation, automation and operational efficiency.

Dan Mannisto

Chief Technology Officer

An IT leader with vast experience in strategic planning, systems delivery, and innovation. He is an articulate, collaborative, and responsive team member whom colleagues and customers have recognized as a trusted advisor. With decades of software and hardware engineering experience as an enterprise and solution architect, Dan strives to build highly effective teams, processes, and systems that work together in a holistic, efficient, and synergistic manner, using Agile methodologies and Lean principles.